Closely following the prototype model’s appearance at the Lexus Melbourne Cup Carnival, the production convertible version of the Lexus LC 500 flagship coupe has made its much-anticipated global debut at the 2019 Los Angeles auto show.

Unveiled in stunning Morphic Blue – to be produced as a 300-unit limited-edition from launch – the LC 500 convertible artfully harnesses the coupe’s sleek contours and incredible proportions while further leveraging the award-winning LC design.

The compact roof design allows the boot lid of the convertible to be lifted and widened to further emphasise the low and broad stance, while retaining the coupe’s flowing roofline and strong aerodynamic performance.

Excellent packaging ensures the LC 500 convertible body is just 10mm longer and 5mm taller than the coupe, with a retained four-seat capacity and near-identical luggage space.

Carefully selected roof fabric ensures optimal tension and no wrinkling, without the supporting frame visible through the fabric.

The roof design is enhanced by Lexus’ signature attention to detail, confirming excellent thermal properties, superb refinement and effortless retraction in just 15 seconds while travelling at up to 50km/h.

The automatic folding mechanism stores the roof under an integrated tonneau cover when lowered, melding elegantly with the LC’s beltline that kicks up at the end of the doors to provide a tight and clean wrap-around appearance.

LC 500 in blue and white

The beautifully crafted and indulgently specified interior is enhanced by exclusive door handles and ‘L’ embossed headrests with neck heaters inside the LC 500 convertible – supporting the leading comfort and luxury that is the Lexus DNA.

A focus on aerodynamics such as the beltline and rear mold design creates a space to feel the excitement of open-air driving without hindering conversation in the car.

In combination with a transparent polycarbonate wind deflector, wind flow inside the car is suppressed and impressive quietness achieved.

Active Noise Control (ANC), combined with sound insulation and absorption techniques, supresses unwanted noises and unpleasant sound frequencies while emphasising the thrilling sound of the Lexus 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine.

Making the LC 500 convertible’s V8 even more enjoyable, a sound generator transmits sensual engine intake sound through the dash panel, while an exhaust valve further enhances the sound of the high-output (351kW and 540Nm) engine.

A newly designed body structure also achieves a rigidity level supporting the Lexus driving signature equal to the coupe.

For maximum strength and reduced weight, the front bow structure of the roof frame is produced in magnesium alloy.

A strategically placed and shaped rear suspension tower brace is composed of lightweight die-cast aluminium to mimimise added weight, and a performance damper* is adopted for high-quality ride comfort.

An additional rocker-panel brace and braces located under the body achieve both high rigidity and light weight.

Leveraging the acclaimed GA-L front-and-rear multi-link rear-wheel drive platform, the LC 500 convertible features new active cornering assist and active roll-bar technologies to further enhance the driving experience.

A 52:48 weight distribution also shifts slightly rearward compared with the coupe.

LC 500 with top up

Lexus chief executive Scott Thompson confirmed the LC 500 convertible will arrive in Australia during the second half of 2020, representing the next step in Lexus’ expansion as a luxury lifestyle brand.

“The LC 500 coupe is renowned for its enthralling sound and exhilarating performance, and these amazing attributes are heightened even further with the stunning LC 500 convertible,” Mr Thompson said.

“The exotic design is true to the award-winning coupe, while superb craftsmanship and sophisticated underpinnings ensure impeccable luxury and extraordinary handling coexist.”

The LC 500 convertible is the third Lexus convertible in the brand’s 30-year history.

Footnotes *“PERFORMANCE DAMPER” is a registered trademark of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.


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